April Black Belt Grade

Once again fantastic work from all those who graded on Sunday, keep up the good work! Congratulations to Simon Rushton on receiving the grade with honours. 

2nd Dan

Simon Rushton

1st Dan

Jamie Neujean 

3rd Kyu

Kymanni Simms

Xyann Simms

4th Kyu Ho 

Tracy Cheeseborough

5th Kyu

Lauren McCannon

6th Kyu

Gracie Rooney

Phoebe Brooks

Ability 6th Kyu

Joanna Hotchkiss

7th Kyu

Alex Neild

Spencer Bowker

8th Kyu

Amy Myers

Ability 8th Kyu

Aaron Richardson 


Alex Henry


Joshua Rooney 

Chairo - PeeWee Black Belt

Joseph Hotchkiss

Ila Britain Taylor

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