Grade 25th March

As always the effort and work shown on grade day was phenomenal, we saw some awesome katas and superb techniques. 

A huge thank you to the Instructor team for taking the grade and a special thank you to Andrew Morrell for taking time out of his busy schedule to present our students with their new belts.

Congratulations to all those who graded, our Dan grades in particular for achieving the grade with honours.  

4th Dan- Sensei Gill Shipman  3rd Dan- Sensei Tracy Gallier 2nd kyu Ability - Steven Harris 4th kyu Ho - Arron Clarke, Gracie Rooney 5th kyu Ability - Aaron Richardson 5th kyu - Bailey Pennington 6th kyu - Gracie Pennington, Reece Kennedy 7th kyu - David Burgess, Lyra Bunting, Kay Witherford, Jordan Larkman 8th kyu - Ruby Miller

PeeWeeWarrior Black Belt - Joshua Ronney Aka - James Eastwood Midon - Lucy Larkman, Kyle Hunter, Stefan Harris 

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