Grade 5th Feb

Once again there was fantastic work and effort at the grade and some beautiful katas displayed, Congratulation to ....

Grade with Honours: Corey Barry 

1st kyu: Lotti Taylor 2nd kyu: Kymani Simms, Xyann Simms 3rd kyu: Isobell Shaw, Taylor Richardson 4th kyu: Corey Barry,Lauren McCannon 5th kyu: Cayden Wilson Pomfrey, Damien Buckley, Harvey Lay 6th kyu:Thomas Duckworth 7th kyu: Derek Bentham, Alex Bentham, Harry Thompson, Reece Sewell, Sophie Bentham, Lilly Thompson, Lennon Jones, Jessica Pilkington, Ryan Alan Pilkington, Ryan Pilkington, Leonnie Turner, 8th kyu: George Giles, David Burgess

PeeWee Warriors Ao: Niamh Molly, Charlotte McNeish Also a massive thank you to my awesome Instructor team for the excellent job they do, thank you to all you parents who always support the student.  

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