Grade 23rd September

StartFragmentWhat a great grade, it's always fantastic to see our students progress on to a new belt especially those receiving their black belts. It was a superb day and you should all be so proud, congratulations to the following: 3rd Dan

Sensei Shelly Grange 2nd Dan and grade with honors

Sensei Jamie Neujean

2nd Dan

Jordan Howarth Lightfoot, Ann Richardson 1st Junior Black Belt

Lotti Taylor 3rd Kyu

Lauren McCannon 4th Kyu Ability

Shaun Harris, Beverley Hotchkiss 4th Kyu Ho

Bailey Pennington 5th Kyu

Alex Bentham, Derek Bentham, Edit Anger, Jessica Pilkington, Ryan Alan Pilkington, Sophie Bentham 7th Kyu

Paris Walker, Ruby Miller, Thomas Bunting. 8th Kyu

Jacob Capenhurst, Noah Young PeeWee Warriors Chairo - Niamh Molloy Ao - Stefan Harris Orenji - Winter BuntingEndFragment

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