Thank you for your donations

As some of you are aware we are currently raising money to completely mat our new dojo which is going to cost a total of £1200 we have reach £235 so a HUGE thank you to the following people and businesses:

Susan Shaw & Isobell Shaw- £20.00

Megan Richardson- £10.00

Lucy Hall & Mathew Hall- £10.00

Brian Hulme- £10.00

Peter Leicester- £10.00

Jessica Shipman- £10.00

Jamie Neujean- £20.00

Fiaz Hammed- £20.00

Tesco Failsworth- £20.00 gift card donation

Elms Local, Elm road, Limeside, OL8 3SY- £10.00

TLC Windows (0161 620 6772)- £10.00

And an extra special thank you to a previous student Anthony Wood for a generous donations of £100.

Thanks again!

Team Cobra Kan

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