Well done those who graded

As most of you are aware we had a grading on Sunday, so this post is to just congratulate all those who worked extremely hard to achieve their new belts. As always a big thankyou to the instructor team and an even bigger thank you to all the parents and family members who came to watch.

Pee Wee Warriors

Harley Hamilton- Kiiro

Bailey Pennington- Orenji

Phoebe Brooks- Chairo

Arron Clarke- Pee Wee black belt

Nathan Cheeseborough- Yellow belt & Distinction grade

Callum Penney- Yellow belt

Connor Eaton- Yellow belt

Chris Eaton- Yellow belt

John Barry- Yellow belt

Corey Barry- Yellow belt

Isobell Shaw- Orange belt

Ella Ward- Orange belt

Shea Gallier- Green belt- Shotokan

Owen Ord- Green belt

Maizy Day- Green belt

Isobell Allen- Green belt

Harvey Lay- Green belt

Taylor Richardson- Green belt

Ellie Thompson- Blue and red belt

Isaac Brooks- Red belt


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