A huge well done to everyone who competed on Sunday, the judges were extremely impressed with the talent showcased within the sparring and kata categories and we look forward to seeing you all again at round 2. Thank you to all those that helped out on the day and to the parents and spectators who helped cheer everyone on.

Congratulations to the winner of the True Karateka of the day trophy, Anna Rushton; she showed true fighting spirit in all her categories and didn't give up despite the tough competition. The medal winners of each category are below:

Kata – Pee Wees

1st: Gracie Rooney

2nd: Josh Rooney

3rd: Joseph Hotchkiss

Kata – Under 10 Novice

1st: Sam Smith

2nd: Kenzie Hope

3rd: Archie Connolly

Kata – Under 10 Intermediate

1st: Jack Bradbury

2nd: Lotti Taylor

3rd: Ella Ward & Harvey Lay

Kata – 11+ Intermediate

1st: Jamie Buddle

2nd: Callum Penney

3rd: Saffron Ward & Nathan Cheeseborough

Kata – 11+ Advanced

1st: Bobbi Taylor

2nd: Megan Richardson

3rd: Chris Rushton

Kata – 18+ Novice

1st: Vicky Hamilton

2nd: Steven Harris

3rd: Bev Hotchkiss

Kata – 18+ Advanced

1st: Jamie Neujean

2nd: Jess Shipman

3rd: Gill Leicester

Points – Pee Wees

1st: Joseph Hotchkiss

2nd: Gracie Rooney

3rd: John Rooney

Points – Under 10 Novice

1st: Archie C