Grade 6th June

Well done to everyone who graded on June, you all worked extremely hard and should be proud; you're one step closer to your black belt. Congratulations to Jack Bradbury who achieved the grade with honours and well done to the following:

3rd kyu - Jack Bradbury, Isobel Allen 4th Kyu - Isobell shaw, Nathan Cheeseborough 4th Kyu Ho - BenTom Smith, Sam Smith, Corey John Barry 5th Kyu - , Beverley Hotchkiss, John Barry, Urszula Dziakowska, Mike Henry 7th Kyu - Cayden Wilson Pomfrey, Damien Buckley, Tahg Kelly, Zak Barry 8th Kyu - Edit Anger, Gracie Pennington, Oliver Hynes, Leonnie Turner, Thomas Stephen Duckworth 8th Kyu Ability - Aiden Nicola Lomas

PeeWee Warriors Orenji - Ava Headon, Niamh Tracy Molloy Midon - Charlotte Jane McNeish

A massive thank you for your endless help to Sensei Tracy Galliet, Sensei Simon Rushton, Sensei Jamie Neujean, Sempai Megan Richardson, Jordan Howarth Lightfoot, Tracy Cheeseborough. 

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