GRADE, 31st March 2019


From our PeeWee Warriors all the way up to Sensei Jessica Shipman who was the highest grade on the day, you all showed excellent technique, awesome Kata, and great sparring. Well done

Congratulations to

Grade with Honors - Anna Rushton

Yondan, 4th dan - Sensei Jessica Shipman

Nidan, 2nd dan - Corey Grange, Anna Rushton

Shodan, 1st dan - Kai Grange

1st kyu Ablity - Steven Harris

4th kyu - Bailey Pennington

5th Kyu - Ruby Miller

6th Kyu - Harvey Barrass

7th kyu - Laura Fleming, Noah Young, Winter Wood

8th kyu - Oliver Evans, Joanne Smith, Freya Jones

PeeWee Warriors

Chairo - Kyle Hunter

Orenji - Franklyn Farlley, Harry Blundell

Kiiro - Riley Trelford

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